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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Turn on auto-configuration for your iPhone on iOS 11

Many of us use various Apple devices in our everyday lives. If you are someone who regularly updates your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch you will be interested to know that iOS 11 will provide a much more comfortable way to configure your settings.

The new iOS 11 automatic configuration will allow users to import personal data, preferences, settings and even iCloud passwords in seconds.

To take full advantage of this new iOS 11 advantage, all you have to do is bring your new iPhone (or iPad) to your current iOS (or Mac) device . What happens next is simply magical.

Turn on iOS 11 auto-configuration

Obviously, before starting the tutorial it is imperative to remember that to use the functionality of the automatic configuration of this version for iPhone and iPad requires that both devices (sender and receiver) have iOS 11 installed.

Having said that, we started with the tutorial. This is how you can automatically configure your device settings in iOS 11:

1. Follow the usual steps of your new iPhone or iPad.

2. Select your language and location.

3. Then, iOS 11 will ask you to bring your current device closer.

4. A pop-up window will appear on the screen of your current iPhone / iPad.

5. Click "Continue" in the configuration pop-up window.

6. About your new device to the camera of your current terminal.

7. The settings will be synchronized automatically.

8. On your new iOS 11 device, you will be prompted for the password of your current iPhone / iPad.

9. Next, place your finger on the fingerprint sensor to configure your Touch ID.

10. Finally the new iPhone, iPad or iPod touch will automatically start to configure all the settings of your previous device.

Is it really a useful function? It will save you a lot of time! Tell us what you think in the comment section. Thanks for participating!

Via | Cult of Mac

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