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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Turn on dark mode on iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad

As we anticipated a few weeks ago, the new version of iOS 11 software has come with an option that simulates night mode . This functionality is called "Smart Color Inversion" and is an addition to the existing "Color Inversion" feature in iOS 10.

What happened was that the option to invest colors of iOS 10 offered a dark mode but also affected photos, videos and other elements. Now, with intelligent color inversion we can access a dark mode that will not reverse the colors of graphic content .

If you were hoping to implement a dark mode on the iOS 11 system, this new option is the closest thing you can find. Here's how you can turn on the dark mode of iOS 11 on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch step by step and in great detail.

How to enable the new dark mode for iOS 11

1. Open the iOS Settings app 11.

2. Go to the General section.

3. Click on the Accessibility category.

4. Tap on Display Settings.

5. Then enable the Invert Colors functionality.

6. Finally, activate the intelligent color inversion option.

From now on, when you open specific applications, you can see how the user interface changes to a black color allowing you to enjoy a dark mode in iOS 11.

Without a doubt, this is a really useful functionality when using the iPhone and iPad at night to not damage your eyesight and help you fall asleep . What we have not tried yet is whether it would be possible (and feasible) to use this dark mode and Night Shift function. What madness!

Finally, it is noteworthy to mention that you can also surf the net with a dark mode for Safari . Some apps like Clock also have their own dark theme.

Via | IDropNews

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