Twitter gets a major redesign in iOS ... To get closer to Android -


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Friday, 16 June 2017

Twitter gets a major redesign in iOS ... To get closer to Android

In recent months, Twitter has begun a transformation that Facebook had already been ahead of us. Social networks are acquiring more than ever the role of the media , in ways that a few years ago we could not imagine that would happen. In fact, no one would have said four years ago that Twitter would be able to become what we have today, a place where we can not only be in touch with what interests us by means of short messages, but we can also do it by live video, and Other more interactive forms of communication.

And is that, despite the fact that Twitter has been taking it with a bit of calm, we have finally been able to see a transformation that, the only thing left behind is the 140 characters . And to make these changes so important for the company more notable, it was necessary to completely redesign the experience , especially that of iOS users, who from now on will be able to enjoy a design reminiscent of the one that can already be used On Android.

Twitter has become a strange fusion of the lines of design of Android and iOS

These days, the company has started deploying this update in the App Store , including other improvements beyond the most notable, which is the redesign of the social network. In the case of mobile apps, we can see how they have adopted a side menu system, more common in Android than in iOS, where we can access both our profile and all the settings of the account.

Other novelties are, for example, the replacement of the application's own browser with a Safari viewer, so if, for example, we have already saved the password for certain websites in Safari, we will not be asked again. Instant counting of retweets and "likes" has also been activated, something that will be useful for accounts with great repercussion.

What do you think the new update of Twitter?

Source | Twitter Blog

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