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Friday, 2 June 2017

Using Facebook makes us dumber

He has been saying it to your mother for a long time and you did not listen to him , but he has had to come a study published by the journal Behavioral Brain Research to confirm it and he has done so in a very limited way:

Users who check Facebook more often on their smartphones tend to have less gray matter in their brain

So Facebook not only makes us more unhappy and hurts our health , it also reduces our intellectual abilities, should Facebook carry a warning of danger like cigarette packs?

To reach this conclusion they analyzed the patterns of behavior and intelligence of 46 men and 39 women, who underwent an MRI to examine the structure of their brains.

In the study, they proceeded to install the Facebook app on their mobile devices and monitored how long they remained connected to it and how often they went back to visit it to check their notifications daily for five weeks.

The results could not be more overwhelming : Those subjects who spent more time on Mark Zuckerberg's social network had lost more gray matter than those who used Facebook from time to time, do you find it surprising?

The funny thing about all this would be to ask if those people already had Facebook downloaded on their smartphones and if they had actually increased their use or simply had complied with their habits of wasting time with "I like", memes, funny pages, Posture, etc.

So we unveiled a mystery that many have pointed out: although social networks give us many advantages such as the possibility of being interconnected with our environment and maintaining relationships, in fact its massive consumption induces us to waste time and not develop our brains too much ... something Which for example is not far from spending the day watching TV.

Exercising our neurons is the key to keeping them active , whether reading or speculating on what will have been of that schoolmate that we have not seen for 15 years.

This study shows that, in the words of Christian Montag of the University of Ulm, who is one of its authors, that smartphones and social networks are part of our lives but that the continuous digital use is not harmless , since it affects our Brains producing modifications.

So you know, use Facebook in moderation ... or go to Twitter.

Via | Andro4All

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