Vivo is ahead of Apple and shows a smartphone with a fingerprint sensor on the screen

Integrated Touch ID on the screen or on the back of the device? This seems to be the biggest doubt (and concern) we have at this time about the iPhone 8.

Vivo, of the BBK Electronics group, which owns other brands such as Oppo and OnePlus, has shown the first smartphone with fingerprint sensor included on the screen , ahead (with a bit of luck) to Apple's plans.

The iPhone 8 will not be the first smartphone with fingerprint sensor integrated in the screen

As you can see in the video above, the user who manages to unlock the terminal by placing his finger on the site indicated on the screen , which helps us to have a little idea of ​​what we could see on the iPhone 8.

In this way, and although some rumors suggest that Apple could put the Touch ID sensor in its back, the last leaks do not show so, which makes us think that Cupertino would have thought a solution like the one we can see in this video.
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