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Monday, 5 June 2017

Voronezh student is already the second time I went to the WWDC conference in california

The student of the applied math faculty of voronezh state university (uev) andrés volodin and for the second time he is in California at the WWDC 2017 developer conference for Apple. In total, Russia will be five of the participants, winners attendance subsidies to the event, tickets that cost more than $ 1500, reports the Meduza.

"When I went behind my shoulders, there was no бэкграунда, I did not work. Had the Swift-related craze, - at that time I was occupying them for a year, and this was the only driver that allowed me to live there, "Andrés Volodin recalls his first visit to the conference.

Last year, going to the United States Володину has allowed the application for mac os, which had developed. The essence of the era in which the elaboration of a allowed overlap in the fashionable image filter in the Low Poly style. The application has found objects, разбивало in triangles and in these triangles усредняло color.

"After I was gone, I was told I'm a little ahead of Prisma. At the end of June, Prisma has come out, and I have done more or less the same thing [a month before] - to the WWDC ", explains the student of voronezh.

Now Volodin combines learning with his academic activities in college. However, the future of teachers in the field of boys does not see. The main демотиватор - lowers the salary: for each conference that received 500 rubles, and in the month came out no more than 7 thousand rubles.

Also andrés volodin, talking about development prospects in the paramo capital, focused on the fact that in voronezh it is very difficult to find "people", since most of them depart in "the Tower" and the state university Of moscow.

"But some of my students, who have recently deposited their projects in me, already have two оффера at work; Constantly write me, that next year will be presented at the WWDC ... And I зарядило that I have been able to three-four people way to inspire those who have left the scale of paradigm, "says Volodin.

In the plans of the conference boy 2017 - expand your circle of acquaintances among developers, learn from them something new.

In 2017, a conference for WWDC 2017 developers was allocated 340 scholarships for students from around the world.

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