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Saturday, 17 June 2017

What are the extra holes in your Apple Earphones?

One of the characteristics by which we can recognize the EarPods - in addition to its great sound quality - is by the number of holes it has on its surface . In it we can find several slots that, while some are very clear what they serve, others simply settle for knowing that they are there.

In today's article we are going to talk about these holes , in case you did not know or did not finish to understand its function.

No, it's not the microphone.

Before you say it's the microphone, like many people I know, you should stop for a moment. Remember that the microphone can already be found in the controller of our EarPods , so it would be a little silly on the part of Apple to place them in other places.

It turns out that these curious holes, in addition to helping improve the performance of the speakers, help create a better sound with the headphones .

How do they work

The sound inside the EarPods is created when the small cones of the speakers vibrate thanks to an electromagnet. As a result, the cone pushes air waves which end up becoming sound as it reaches our ears. However, the constant movement of this cone causes pressure to be created inside the earpiece, making its vibration harder and gives us a rather poor sound quality .

However, ** from Cupertino managed to solve this problem ** in a very simple way. Yes, with the holes!

These slots allow air to enter and exit naturally from the EarPods, preventing pressure build up inside them and achieving great sound quality. In addition, it gives us better acoustic sounds and more pronounced basses.

It's amazing how a little detail can affect so much. We knew Apple was doing nothing for nothing , but every time we were more surprised.

What do you think about this detail? Leave us your answer in the comments!

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