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Sunday, 18 June 2017

What iOS 11 can tell us about the iPhone 8

In the WWDC of 2017, the company Apple has introduced a multitude of new products, but deserves special attention iOS 11. In large measure because it can give us some of the features of the future iPhone 8.

Last year the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have come under criticism for the three-year-old design, with the voice assistant Siri has not passed the revolution and Apple could not beat the competition in terms of virtual reality or Charge.

In September, the company will present the iPhone Jubilee radically with the new design and безрамочным the screen. It is supposed to be the iPhone 8, but it is not ruled out that the novelty would be called "iPhone X" or "iPhone Edition". IOS 11 gives certain allusions, what are the features will receive the next Apple smartphone.

The iPhone 8 will receive more support to the RA

For a long time, Apple showed no increased interest and virtual reality. And here in iOS 11, the company finally concluded that the competitors' response - ARKit kit, in which they can create augmented reality applications for millions of iPhone and iPad. In cupertino sure will be the most ambitious AR-platform in the world.

The technology will be compatible with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7, so there is no doubt that the iPhone 8 will work with augmented reality. But it is not ruled out that the new Apple smartphone will show a number of accessibility, совмещающих the real world and virtual content.

The secondary camera, and more shooting modes

In the next generation of iPhone will be two modules of the main camera. It is assumed that especially for Apple's AR-technology will implement an additional module. This will allow you to run on the new high quality device of the augmented reality application using a new camera, powerful processors and motion sensors.

Thanks to this, owners of iPhone 8 will be able to use the latest artificial vision technology to use detailed virtual content on real-world images. Interactive games, shopping, industrial design and many other areas to achieve a new level of realism.

In addition to the RA, we can also see the new working modes of the camera. Apple has already demonstrated at the conference the effect of long exposure. Maybe this is just the beginning. Last year, for everyone it was a surprise the portrait mode on the camera of the iPhone 7 Plus.

Siri will play an important role in device management

At Apple's WWDC conference there has been increasing in details and has demonstrated more important innovations in the Siri - more natural and expressive voice, the function of word translation, the SDK for third-party developers.

This lack of attention to the voice now allows us to assume that Apple припасла a number of innovations to the sale of the iPhone 8. It is expected that the smartphone lose a single Home button and receive integrated on the screen, the fingerprint scanner Touch ID .

Now call Siri without the help of the hands. On the iPhone 8, the company can implement to get more commands to control the smartphone.

NFC not just for Apple Pay

Apple in iOS 11 plans to expand NFC capabilities in the module. It is likely that in the future iPhone can connect the Apple Watch by a single touch and in the same way to communicate with other devices.

NFC functionality is now limited to a single payment for the Apple Pay service. The new "Core NFC" framework in iOS 11 allows to extend the options for the use of a near field communication chip.

The owners of iPhone 8 able not only to connect the smartphone to Bluetooth to the speakers through touch, but the use of smartphone for electronic storage of admissions and to pass through the tourniquets at the train station. Consequently, the iPhone 8 can become a substitute portfolio.

VR, a helmet for iPhone

You can now buy the virtual reality helmet for iPhone. But this would be something like Google Cardboard - quite primitive of the decision. Experts believe that Apple will launch its own virtual reality helmet, it is only a matter of time.

The new operating system macOS High Sierra "sharp" to work with virtual reality. The leading companies specializing in the field of VR, in collaboration with Apple developing for Mac new tools that will be available later this year.

Valve optimizes the SteamVR virtual reality platform for macOS, and will provide HTC Vive helmet support, and Unity and Epic configure for macOS virtual reality content development tools. In addition, in Final Cut Pro X is added professional support of 360-degree streams with the possibility of importing, editing and exporting spherical video.

It is logical that the next step will be the virtual reality support on the iPhone. OLED screen is like no, by the way - is characterized by the fact that the black color sample, without lighting, that is necessary, when the smartphone is a few inches from the eyes.

Regardless of whether it is a VR brand, a helmet or developed by an Apple partner obviously interested in virtual reality.

Integration with HomePod

HomePod - the answer from Apple Amazon Echo and Google Home, in which calls for integration with the iPhone and iPad. The company has not revealed all the details, but probably the "smart" column will receive advanced capabilities of interaction with the iPhone 8.

One of the scenarios - instead of looking for the phone in the house, you can simply say: "Siri, find my iPhone". And if the HomePod will not be integrated function of аудиозвонков, probably the column can be used for these purposes along with the iPhone.

Augmented reality on Apple Maps

With iOS 11 from Apple Maps you are told which series to rearrange before the return. This suggests that in the future navigation system on the iPhone 8 will be realized with the help of augmented reality.

Imagine you are in the city, you will enjoy the navigation, which in real time shows where you should turn, putting it is through the actual camera, landmarks in front of you.

If the iPhone is in the car holder and the camera "sees" the way, the user can receive visual signals. As a result of this modification will allow drivers problems such as "do I have to enter this turn, or the next?".

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