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Monday, 5 June 2017

What to expect from Apple in WWDC 2017 (and what not)

Today is the big day: during the afternoon (18 hours Spanish peninsular) will take place the annual World Conference of Developers of Apple or WWDC 2017, an exciting event with a keynote loaded with news. Although in iPadizate we will follow the WWDC 2017 to the minute, we want to go ahead so that it does not catch you of surprise what you can expect and what not of the company with soothes in Cupertino .


IOS 11

Little we have heard so far iOS 11, Apple's brand new operating system from which we barely know its distinguishing features except that it will incorporate a massive renewal of its interface - in fact it is speculated that it will be the biggest change since iOS 7 - but it is It's a mystery to know what your new look will look like .

Of course, what we have clear is that Siri will be much smarter than ever . Apple has been working hard for months in the AI ​​area and acquiring some of the most promising start ups in the industry, so it's quite likely that iOS 11 has new possibilities for Siri . These include greater integration with third-party apps .

After the abandonment of the iPad by iOS 10, everything seems that this time will be different and with iOS 11 we will see new features specific to the Apple table , as further support to the Apple Pencil for iPad Pro, which will allow you to work better with the Apps and greater integration with hardware and software.

Another rumor that is being heard with enough force indicates that FaceTime will allow calls in groups , a novelty long demanded by the users.

We can not forget that although we can see iOS 11 in action, it will not be until September when it is completely presented by the most awaited iPhone ever : iPhone 8 , or perhaps iPhone X or iPhone Edition. Hopefully from Cupertino will unveil the iPhone's 10th anniversary edition, which will bring integrated augmented reality, 3D sensor and facial recognition ... features that require an optimized operating system for it.

MacOS 10.13

At the moment, very little is known of the new update of the operating system of the computer equipment of Apple. Not knowing, we do not even know his name . Of course, if you want to make bets: Monterey, Mojave, Mammoth and Miramar have enough ballots.

Following the trail started by iOS 10, the APFS file system could be implemented in MacOS 10.13, something that would substantially improve the encryption, the ability to recover backups, more efficient space management, greater speed and, ultimately, a Platform more stable.

Likewise, in macOS 10.13 we will also have the opportunity to see the improvements developed in Siri. As always, Continuity will continue to be developed so that the experience of information exchange between Apple devices becomes more and more fluid.

WatchOS 4

The operating system of the Apple Watch will also take advantage of a smarter Siri , but it will not be the only thing. New spheres and complications are expected, but any other novelty remains in the strictest of silences. Fortunately, if we know that they will seek to improve battery life and continue to implement new apps to make the Apple smartwatch an even more useful tool.

Among the most anticipated, the cellular connectivity that would make calls without the need for an iPhone close ... however we venture to think that this function may be developed in the third generation of Apple Watch.

TvOS 11

If we know little of the software mentioned above, TVOS 11 is a mystery of the next generation of TVOS because there are not even rumors. Home of single session, universal search, live Tune-In and the TV app continue to evolve and perhaps in the new of tvOS we see improvements in the user experience, in addition to incorporate Siri and all its news or an Apple Music that allows Focus on videos in the purest Youtube style.


MacBook Pro

In October of 2016 Apple introduced the 13 and 15 inch MacBook Pro with improvements as discreet as the Touch Bar, but perhaps it is the moment to see new MacBook only 8 months later. On paper, nothing will change their appearance, but if they will have a Kaby Lake chip that will directly affect the speed and efficiency of the processor. In addition, they will probably also incorporate new GPUs and other improved internal specifications.


The 12-inch Apple MacBook could also make its appearance, with Kaby Lake chips with significant graphics improvements and increased battery life. Ojito Apple could present a "monster" of 16GB of RAM , yes, with an external design without variations.

MacBook Air

The lightest in Apple's notebook family, the MacBook Air, could also be upgraded with upgraded processors and Skylake or Kaby Lake chips as major new features. As an "economy" notebook in the range, it is expected that it will not have just screen updates or its case.

Siri speaker

Apple wants to compete with Amazon Echo and Google Home and with Siri Speaker could face them. Already in the production phase , there is no doubt that it will be one of the fixtures that we will see this afternoon . In order to differentiate itself from the competition, it is said that it will have a higher quality of sound due to virtual technology and sensors to measure the acoustics of the room and self adjusting accordingly. In addition, it would also serve as Hub for Apple Music and HomeKit.

As a most unlikely rumor is the possibility of including a camera and facial recognition so that it is able to distinguish between the members of a home or a touch panel.

IPad Pro

It is rumored that a new 10.5-inch Pro iPad is in the oven and could see the light this afternoon. With a body similar to the model of 9.7 inches but with more screen thanks to drastic reduction of edges . In addition, it will also feature an updated processor, better cameras, True Tone flash, 4 speakers, a True Tone screen. Will they be enough changes to drive the stagnant tablet market?

... and what we do not expect in WWDC 2017

This afternoon we will not see desktop computers, so no iMac or Mac mini - despite the blatant need to upgrade both models - for the time being. Of course, we will not see either the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus or iPhone 8 , which are expected for September as it is tradition. However, some wink is expected in this regard.

Remember that you can follow the WWDC 2017 keynote a minute in iPadizate.

Via | Macrumors

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