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Friday, 16 June 2017

What will Apple Pay bring to iOS 11?

What will Apple Pay bring to iOS 11?Apple brought us its mobile payment tool on October 20, 2014. This service, called Apple Pay, allows iPhone users to pay with one touch , using Near Field Communication (NFC) and Touch ID technology to verify our Buy with our fingerprint.

But ** Apple Pay ** not only serves to make purchases physically and in a way "replace" credit cards. The Apple service also allows us to make purchases within applications that have this function available, such as the Target application. Or even use it to buy online with Safari .

Apple Pay really helps a lot to your users when making a purchase without having to even take the wallet out of your pocket, but ... What is missing? If we stop to think a second, we would think a thousand nonsense to add to Apple Pay, such as sending money to friends with a message or any other craziness that comes to mind.

Well, I have not really said any nonsense, since Apple has just added that in iOS 11, the ability to send money to anyone using iMessage and Apple Pay.

Although this is not a new idea and that there are already applications that offer this function, no one had implemented it so well. We can literally chat with someone and send them money whenever we want.

The question is, can it be used in Spain?

Everything looks really good on paper: paying friends, family or any other person just by putting our fingerprint on iMessage. But as always, not everything can be good. And it could not be otherwise, the support of Apple Pay in Spain is still really low. Maybe it's because the company ING Direct has its own application for payment between friends ( twypcash ) or maybe it's just that Apple has not yet taken us into consideration too much. To further clarify, Apple Pay is only available for the following banks in Spain:

  • American Express
  • Santander (Mastercard only)
  • Edenred (Ticket Restaurant cards only)
  • Carrefour Financial Services

This is probably quite disappointing for anyone who has a Visa and wants to buy a coffee with the cell phone, but you never have to be discouraged. It is true that, although Apple Pay was launched in 2014, it has not been implemented in many banks yet - at least in Spain - but never lose hope. The technology advances and sooner or later, will appear in all parts of the world.

In case it is a consolation, in general Europe does not have much integration with Apple Pay (except in the United Kingdom). It is hoped that at some point, the Cupertino giant will decide to expand its service beyond the English-speaking countries and pay a little more attention to the old European continent .

Source | Apple.com

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