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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

WhatsApp: The option to delete messages arrives, how does it work?

Today has officially confirmed the arrival of the option to delete messages in the instant messaging application WhatsApp Messenger for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Rumors about the removal of messages sent in WhatsApp have been circulating over the network for months. In fact, in March of 2017 already some images of this functionality in the beta were leaked .

Apparently WhatsApp publishers have posted an FAQ on how to delete sent messages on their official website . Interestingly, the FAQ has been recently removed. But considering that WhatsApp has published this content, chances are that the new option will be available very soon.

How can I delete messages sent from WhatsApp?

As we have seen in the WhatsApp FAQ about the function to delete messages sent in the mobile application of the messaging platform, the option will work in a simple and intuitive way for users.

In fact, deleting messages sent in WhatsApp will be very similar to as it already works in other services like Telegram, an app in which the option was already available for months.

To delete a WhatsApp Messenger message all you have to do is to keep your finger on the sent message and select the option to cancel .

 WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp Messenger
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However, there will be a time limit in which users can delete sent messages. Strangely, WhatsApp will set a 5-minute period since the message was sent . Users will only be able to delete the sent message within this 5 minute period.

Once the message has been sent, if the 5 minutes have passed, you will not be able to prevent the user who has received the message from reading it.

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