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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

WhatsApp plans to fill your iPhone with commercial spam

In 2017, traditional retailers see how little by little e-commerce is eating the land with great offers, an unending catalog and increasingly better after-sales service. However, the year before the fashion buying habits grew 25% compared to 2015 and everything seems to indicate that this trend is unstoppable. So you have to put your batteries and try to develop strategies that increase sales in any way, especially taking advantage of a reef that has not yet reached its peak: purchases through the smartphone . And for that, what better than WhatsApp, the user's favorite messaging app.

Because WhatsApp is above all a communication app, but given its wide openness in society, it is not surprising that it has been tried to develop it as a social network with the controversial states of WhatsApp, constitutes a source of news for many users and now Could become the channel of purchase, given its speed and ease of use .

This is the idea of ​​Net-a-Porter, who has already done some of their best sales through the app using personal shoppers to deal with their VIP customers, but obviously there is a lot to do to develop the full potential and WhatsApp is aware Of it. Long ago we talked about WhatsApp Business and this option seems to be taking more and more strength .

WhatsApp will be a sales channel

Because so far, WhatsApp can be used as a communication channel, so that some brands can carry out the process of persuasion prior to the sale in a totally personalized way , something much more effective than doing it through chats in own sales apps. But what can WhatsApp offer to trade besides messaging?

WhatsApp plans to implement a series of new features that would be favored by the new privacy rules promulgated last August seeking to increase the profitability of the app, including that companies can communicate directly with users that have accumulated in Facebook , So it is not surprising that we will soon see how in our favorite messaging app we are opened windows of shops with their latest offers , the style advertising buzoneo, where we also have the opportunity to buy at the time.

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