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Thursday, 29 June 2017

WhatsApp streaming videos are now available on your iPhone

Aunts and grandmothers love to send "motivational" images in which plush bears and soap opera characters are often the protagonists, and they are always accompanied by a phrase that tries with all its strength to be cute. But this is not the problem, not - although it is annoying. The problem is when you get random videos that try to be fun, and you have to wait half an hour for them to download and visualize their content, to realize that you just wasted your time .

However, WhatsApp has released an update that will address this issue . At least with the videos, of course. Images do not save us nor God.

Do not wait more

Although this feature was previously included, WhatsApp developers decided to remove it from the application for reasons that are unknown. Maybe it did not work properly, but it's just speculation.

Now, instead of downloading the videos we receive first through the messaging application, we can see them directly using the internet connection . As if we were watching a video on YouTube, go. This feature means that we have to wait while downloading the videos just received for a few seconds, which leads to a loss of time - if you have a slow connection.

Available from now

This utility is available from today for all iOS users who have version 2.17.31 WhatsApp , although it will be activated progressively in the coming hours or days. It might also work a bit slow, but it's only until the servers are tweaked.

Of course, the videos will continue to be stored in the memory of your mobile, only they will do so while you are watching them , thus saving you the need to wait for them to download in order to view the content.

We do not know why WhatsApp eliminated it a while ago, but it's back. Remember that it is a very new function and can give problems during their first days of life.

What do you think of this new WhatsApp feature? Leave your answer in the comments!

Via | WABetaInfo

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