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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

WhatsApp will allow you to unsubscribe messages coming soon

I think I speak on behalf of all if I affirm that on more than one occasion we have wanted to cancel a message sent to another person through WhatsApp , an option that as you know, is not possible.

So far, WhatsApp only allowed to delete the sent message, but it does not delete it from the other person's phone, but ours, so it really does not help.

Well, luckily, this is about to end, as WhatsApp has announced that it will soon be possible to override messages that we have sent to other users , thus disappearing on the phone both from the sender and the receiver.

WhatsApp will allow you to delete sent messages .... In a maximum of 5 minutes

That yes, unfortunately this option will have some limitations, how the messages can not have been sent more than 5 minutes ago , a really more than enough time to regret the text sent.

Similarly, the person to whom we sent the message has had to update the application, otherwise it will not be possible to cancel the message.

Otherwise, the way to cancel the messages is quite simple, since like the 'delete' option, all we have to do is leave the message pressed and select the 'cancel' option that will appear in the menu Top choices.

What do you think of this feature? Although we have no specific date, it seems that the update will reach the App Store throughout the week.

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