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Monday, 19 June 2017

Why I'll miss the iPad mini if ​​Apple discontinues it

It's been quite a few years since Apple first pulled the iPad mini. This iPad brought a much finer and more elegant design than the previous iPads , in addition to a much smaller size than the main iPad.

As we have seen, the iPad mini takes a long time without receiving a major update . It still maintains the A8 processor of the iPhone 6, while next year we will already have the A11 version of this chip. The future of the iPad mini looks quite dark .

But is it possible for Apple to launch an iPad mini by September or later? Rumors suggest that they will not, since after the iPhone Plus, sales of the tablet fell, thus raising the phone .

However, I personally think you need an iPad mini. It was a low cost version of the iPad that would get you out of any trouble if you had to deliver some work and you did not have enough space in the suitcases . This iPad could practically fit you in a pocket - one quite large.

Honestly and in my opinion, the iPhone Plus can not replace the iPad mini. The comfort offered by an iPad to write or surf the internet has no point of comparison with what an iPhone offers you. And that without mentioning the high price of the iPhone compared to the iPad.

Will the iPad mini really disappear?

Apple has not even updated the processor in a long time, and will be totally obsolete in just two or three years if no upgrade is done.

However, as discussed in this article , from a Japanese blog called Mac Otakara, it is revealed that Apple plans to launch a 7.9-inch iPad Pro , adding the Smart Connector that these iPad always incorporate.

This to more than one can put a fly behind the ear (including me), since the iPad Pro has a much higher price compared to the normal iPad of the company. Also, I will not use most of the new features that this adds, such as the ability to use the Apple Pencil or connect a keyboard, since I have always felt comfortable typing on the screen.

Without a doubt, if Apple one day surprised us by bringing the iPad mini 5 to market, I would be one of its potential customers. I had the opportunity to own the first generation of this and was not disappointed at all. I also do not think to pay more than this value if they decide to take a iPad Pro of 7.9 inches, not everyone uses an iPad in a professional manner.

In short, it would be a shame that Apple abandoned the iPad mini to focus on the iPad Pro . As I said, not everyone gives professional use to the iPad and one of the biggest attractions of these models was the price.

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