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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Why the iPhone has managed to dominate the world?

In today's smartphone market, despite the large presence of Android, there is no doubt that the iPhone is the best rated device in the world .

That's right, the iPhone has changed the world , and even on many occasions (for better or for worse) the iPhone is a symbol of social status .

But why has the iPhone managed to dominate the market for so long? Why has it become one of the smartphones most valued by the consumer? We turn our eyes to the past to determine what Apple's most important decisions have been for the success of the iPhone.

These are the reasons why the iPhone has dominated the market

2003: Designer Duncan Kerr created a demo of a multitouch technology that allowed several points to be recognized on a touch screen. Jony Ive showed it to Steve Jobs, who said "this will be the future".

2008: Following the launch of the original iPhone in 2007, the App Store landed on iOS. It had up to 500 applications available and the slogan "There is an app for that" was devised.

2011: In October, Apple showed the iPhone 4S a day before the death of Steve Jobs. Next to him, artificial intelligence arrived at the system: Siri .

2012: Apple introduced an iPhone of a superior size, 9:16 aspect, and the smartphone was updated with major changes in hardware. Also included was the Lightning connector, which in turn gave way to the removal of the 3.5 mm jack of the iPhone 7 .

2013: In December the potential market for Apple products reached a scandalous figure of 760 million consumers. Tim Cook began to consider the Chinese market as one of the most important sectors for the future of the Cupertino firm.

And for you, what have been Apple's most important decisions for the iPhone?

Source | Wired

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