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Monday, 5 June 2017

Will the Samsung win iPhone?

Traditionally in the month of September Apple will present the new generation of iPhone. And traditionally, each model becomes a real success. So it was with each new generation of "яблочных" smartphones. No Android-maker the camp could not beat Apple in terms of sales of the same version. Near all approach Samsung is a company that offers an original device design, seasoning is impressive budget of marketing. Can the South Korean manufacturer once beat the iPhone? Life scouts believe this could happen in the next year.

Apple can now be treated similarly to that of Spain's soccer selection in the year 2012: yes, all iPhone stable form become hits, but how much can you? Is not it time for подвинуться? Where the real rivals, and not вшивые недоконкуренты?

Seriously, the iPhone topped for more than 10 years. Around six-seven years, it is usually not viable to adversaries.

Let's discard dreams and unbiased, let's see in the market. Распиаренная Xiaomi because patents that ever in life do not завезет smart phones in the United States - promptly cross the list of would-be crowns. Huawei desperately pursues defined trends from Apple, also beyond. LG manufactures good девайсы, but Koreans do not exist enough budget to promote. In Sony lately they are in a frenzy and change the motive of the policy of each medium: they sculpt the flagship, they renounce them, it tries again something to give birth. Dead from the room.

HTC? Eternal, is chronic, tired of the crisis. Lenovo-Moto? Painful restructuring of the brand. Nokia? It is still early to talk about full камбэке, even though this company is a potentially dangerous situation. Microsoft? In general, they were bandaged with the phones and not known when they will return.

It turns out that moving Apple with the throne objectively to no one. There is no one to whom, in addition to Samsung, the company, before all задавшейся in order to close the пижонам oxygen of cupertino. So there is no choice: in this war to sympathize with the Koreans, or being a fan of зазнавшейся the company, which is considered normal, for three consecutive years produce smart phones with the same design.

Samsung's pursuit of Apple recalls an endless series of tv: the main hero of the vile maniac hunting, and the one of a season escaped justice, quickly increasing the list of victims.

Here - the same story. From the appearance of iPhone to Samsung is trying to do something legendary, but everything ahead. Sometimes the defeat turns out to be very painful: Galaxy S plastic without options yielded the iPhone 4, the ugly Galaxy S5, which looked like toy in the background of an iPhone 5s, and the promising Galaxy Note 7 is total guarantee all plans of Koreans In the second half of 2016. Local hits such as the first Note) were also, but not enough. None of the Galaxy in history did not have a hype, like any iPhone 6s.

Samsung Galaxy S8 undoubtedly is beautiful, but absolutely бесперспективен in the context of the battle with Apple. The fact that the Korean flagship came out unlucky frankly. In the second half of spring fans of iPhone or психанули and bought "семерку", or are waiting for a "group of eight", due to premiere in September. The word, those people not Samsung.

It's time to understand that the release date is almost the same as the defining characteristic of a smartphone, such as diagonal screen or housing material.

Apple has reserved ideal days to the presentation of the iPhone - in mid-September, delivery of key markets, long before the start of the Christmas holidays. This approach allows us to solve two problems: satisfy hellish, buyers demand and escape a deficit in the year-end season.

All other brands are obliged to adapt. For example, CES (early January) - exhibition of the losers, прощелкавших Christmas. The MWC (February) - the event for those who so sure of himself, he is afraid of self-event. IFA (beginning of September) - suicidal сходка, due to having their withered the news of a couple of weeks before Apple - natural suicide.

Judging by the latest инсайдам, at Samsung have understood: it is necessary to encourage the development of a flagship. Usually the most popular model of the Galaxy S series enter the market in the spring, but now everything will be different: S9 will be released in early 2018. In the short term, it is the failure of the holidays will be held under the spell Of Apple with his retiring айфоном. But after a year we are waiting for the real war: the Koreans clearly try to enter with their main launch for the fall, to ruin the life of the enemies of the cupertino.

Even now, тревожна provision for Apple. The company entered into a crisis of ideas: most of the profits depend on iPhone, therefore, abrupt moves excluded. On the other hand, it is necessary to change - always feed the buyers of iPhone 6 design will not work. In addition, from all parties in the Samsung bombing: Galaxy S8 has already gone down in price, last year the Galaxy Note 7 reborn and will be sold with a huge discount, the new Galaxy Note 8 фаблет in focus, and the Galaxy S9 - generally hook in the jaw. In theory, already the tenth Galaxy can be нокаутирующим coup - as in Mortal Combat, where you have to brawl with all your strength, until the opponent does not fall into exhaustion.

The main disaster of tim cook may be that Samsung is very independent of the manufacturer. Koreans make OLED screens (in quantities) and themselves produce processors - the least that Apple needs to communicate with suppliers.

Therefore, the Samsung objectively few chances of encountering a deficit. But in cupertino with him already familiar. You can easily have this situation, where on the Apple site it says "wait six weeks", while Samsung offers to deliver to your flagship, although tomorrow. And kuku will have nothing to answer for this.

A Samsung can be treated differently, but deny its progress simply strange. Before there really обводили iPhone and plastic лепили of monsters, but over time, to understand that this method will not work. Three of the latest Galaxy (S6 to S8) - nice and absolutely no стыдные gadgets. They grow and others in the range - середняки and бюджетники Samsung no longer see the harassment in the background of the cheapest devices coming from china.

In general, Koreans strive for paradigm shift, and from this, slowly, but you get. Even if an operation fails, the minimum to the task of Samsung anyway will perform: looking at the Korean attempts, Apple was forced to adapt and take risks. And this is already much better than the stagnation we see now.

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