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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

With any luck, this is the last Monday that you have to go to work

If you are one of those who keep crossing their fingers so that this Monday is the last that you have to go to work thanks to the lottery , we present an app that can not miss on your iPhone, is called TuLotero and allows you to buy Primitiva, Euromillones, Bonoloto, Quiniela and tenth of National Lottery, as well as the Extraordinary Drawings (Christmas, El Niño, etc.) from your smartphone and without costing you an extra euro .

Forget to approach your lottery management and queue up and join a community that grows every day, whether iOS or Android , where you can also download . With TuLotero are all advantages : share your bets with your contacts, check your results in real time and in its latest update has revolutionized the way to play with the possibility of playing individually, as a group or until now, sharing the tenths and tickets with Any contacts in the mobile phone's calendar.

Discover "groups", the main novelty of TuLotero

What are groups?

As in other popular apps such as WhatsApp, create groups of friends where users can choose and choose among all their bets Euromillions, Primitiva, Bonoloto, Quiniela, buy half of National Lottery, have a common balance, collect prizes And chat between them in a simple and fun way. If playing is already entertaining, in doing so in a group, the emotion grows exponentially .

How to create a group?

As you would in WhatsApp , you will be administrator and you will be able to choose the name and the avatar. Invite the members of your agenda, sharing a link on your social networks or using a code.

In addition you will configure the management of the balance of the group, which is recommended to be supplied uniformly. No more sweeps : if someone does not pay, he will not be a participant in the plays and prizes of the group. Or if you prefer, let each one contribute what you want a posteriori.

Who keeps the prizes?

Each prize you win as a group will automatically be charged to the group balance, as long as the option "accumulate prizes in the group balance" is activated and the administrator decides whether to accumulate to continue to continue playing or to split between The active members of the group, if this option is disabled. That is, you can charge it at the moment or continue playing with it .

If you have the desire to try it, take advantage of the fact that next Friday, June 30, Euromillions celebrates the Big Friday with a guaranteed boat of 100 million euros , a great opportunity to participate with your group of friends. Can you imagine that they touch you the 100,000,000 euros?

Now that you know how to create a group, download the TuLotero App, register and enter the Promo Code: GROUPS. You will have 1 euro free on your balance . This code is valid for new registrations until December 31, 2017 and is not cumulative with other promotions.

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