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Monday, 19 June 2017

With this gadget you will not reload your iPhone anymore

We have all gone through this: your iPhone is a tris to run out of battery, but you have not yet finished with it; You have to keep writing with your friends, or reading Twitter or keeping an important phone call. So if you want to continue using your iPhone you have no choice but to do it tied to the charging cable ... or not, because here we bring you the solution. Neither power banks nor accessories for wireless charging.

It's called Cobattery and will leave you with your mouth open because it replaces the traditional charge with a battery exchange. The first time we saw this invention was in Kickstarter but it is already on sale on Amazon .

You will never plug in your iPhone again

The truth is that when you see a sheath like Cobattery, the first thing you think is, will it take over too much? It will be very heavy No, the truth is that the feeling of thickness is barely noticeable, it just looks like a sturdy sheath. In the pack come two batteries and a charger, so you always have a battery ready . If it's going to be a long day or you have a trip, you'd better take the two to the point. But that's it, you do not need to load the iPhone anymore because that way you always have it ready to use.

The lithium-ion batteries degrade according to the loads , so after 300 cycles of charging the battery of your iPhone will have reduced its capacity up to 80%, but with several batteries, the degradation is lower. When you're at home, you leave the spent battery in the charging dock to charge and replace it with the other.

As a main handicap we find that CoBattery does not indicate how charged is the external battery we carry in the case, but we discover that it is dry to see that the iPhone no longer charges more. Also, its load occurs taking up the bottom of the iPhone, so it is uncomfortable to connect headphones. What do you think the invention?

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