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Monday, 12 June 2017

With this invention you will be able to know if you are like a goat only for what you publish on Facebook

Something that currently worries a lot is the information we pour on the internet, the image we give and our data that anyone can find simply by typing our name. But sometimes we do not have to go that far, we give ourselves away with our messages in social networks.

And is that literally anyone can get an idea of ​​how we are by what we publish, although in many cases is pure posture. It is no longer just for potential friends or contacts, it is that companies also control what we launch into the network, both for a potential recruitment and for targeted advertising in marketing campaigns. We do not tire of repeating it: it uses social networks with responsibility and common sense .

It is so easy to know what we like, what matters to us, what we visit ... that it is not surprising that with the information we give consciously or unconsciously and a bit of artificial intelligence has developed an engine called Magic Sauce, which produces a psychographic profile The emotions and behaviors of users of Facebook and Twitter . We have no escape.

Of course, the potential is enormous: Magic Sauce analyzes personality type, intelligence level, degree of satisfaction, sexual orientation, profession, political ideology, age, gender, religion and even if you are single. What is a little scary?

The project comes from the University of Cambridge and although initially aims to improve your experience as an internet user , we can get an idea of ​​the current operation of cookies that its use for marketing will be imminent, but we do not rule out That is used for professional profiles.

If you have your doubts about how Magic Sauce works, you can try their demo that will show how others see you and how you really are. Watch carefully , that you are not prepared to face the truth .

Via | GenBeta

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