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Monday, 26 June 2017

With this trick you can send WhatsApp to people who have blocked you

Today we tell you a trick that gives us a little bit of repair to reveal: yes it is possible to send a message from WhatsApp to someone who has blocked us thanks to an incredible limitation or lack of effectiveness of the most popular messaging app that exists. Of course, if someone has blocked you is probably for something, so think twice before doing so. We tell you the trick and then you decide on your responsibility.

To do this, we will require a third person to assist us in this task and exercise as an accomplice . And it is as simple as this third person to create a group and invite us both to us, that we are blocked, and the person who has blocked us. Surprisingly, WhatsApp allows you to block but at the same time, you have not anticipated that it is as easy to bypass the block as doing this.NET03

So that's it, we have a group with three participants: our accomplice, us and the person with whom we want to communicate . Now the person who created the group has to leave and that's it, you can already have a conversation in chat mode with the person who has blocked you. Obviously we insist, if it has blocked you is because you probably do not want to talk to you and there is a possibility that you leave immediately to realize the tricks.

But if you do not, you can always exchange messages with her and get her to unlock you ... or not. The other option is a restraining order. And is that it is very important to respect the decisions of other people even if we do not agree with them. We only echo a vulnerability in the operation of WhatsApp , then you decide.

Via | Andro4All

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