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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Your iPhone does not like summer: protect it like this

In case you have not noticed yet because you do not go out on the street or read Twitter, summer is here and has arrived to stay . Longer days, festivals, terraceo, beaches and swimming pools ... who does not like the summer? We already tell you: to your iPhone.

And it is that the water and the high temperatures are two staunch enemies of the good functioning of a smartphone, in fact during this time of the year they generate a 33% of damages. Next, we will explain a series of facts that affect your smartphone in summer and how to avoid them and / or minimize them .

Beware of water and sun

IPhone and vampires can not stand the sun

And it is that, like the vampires, the iPhone does not feel the sun at all : just because of the high temperatures 1 in 2 mobile phones broken are due to the high temperatures by exposing them to the sun. So protect your skin, but also your iPhone, putting you in the shade.

But keep in mind that the car is not a good place to store it , since although on the outside it still seems that the day has not reached its peak, inside a vehicle in the sun the temperature can reach 50 degrees. Mortal for living beings and smartphones.

During the summer we also have more free time , which in many cases we use to spend the hours connected to the iPhone, or surfing social networks - yes, always with caution, remember that using Facebook makes us dumber - Chatting or playing.

Well, beware of overheating, because between temperatures are higher, overuse and continued and that covers in many cases prevent proper ventilation ... a time bomb. Remember, your smartphone should never exceed 30-35 degrees of temperature . By the way, to avoid the latter there are a number of apps that carry temperature control and cooling programs in Android such as CPU Gauge, Temperature Monitor, but in general the iPhone have protection to turn off in case of overheating.

... and like your cat, you can not see the water either

Water and humidity are also responsible for breakdowns of smartphones , a risk that increases considerably when taking it to beaches or swimming pools. Remember that a single drop of water can ruin your terminal and that even if you have the iPhone 7, which in theory has some water resistance, it is not completely waterproof despite the advertisements - so Apple was reported by misleading advertising -.

But sometimes accidents happen. In these cases the only thing we can do is remove the case if it had, dry it as best we can and extract the SIM. Unlike other smartphones in which the casing and even the battery can be removed, the iPhone is not possible. So if you have completely submerged, do not even think about charging the iPhone . Some people say that putting it in a bowl of raw rice works to remove moisture, I'll be honest: I've never worked. So to avoid it it is best to have a waterproof cover .

Eye with falls and robberies

But the thing does not end here, the more time we spend abroad and the less dressed we go, the easier it is for our iPhone to be stolen. Not to mention how unpleasant it is to go to the water leaving the smartphone in the bag or backpack and discover on the return you just give you the most expensive dip of the century . Because of this in July and August the insurance contracting is usually triggered and it is better to be safe than sorry later.

In addition, insurance in some cases not only cover theft and loss but also protect it against the entry of sand and water. But first of all is to buy a good case that protects it from moisture, sand, scratches, falls and screen rupture, which is one of the main causes of failure, with approximately a 70% recurrence.

Via | Europapress

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