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Friday, 23 June 2017

You're not using the best iPhone camera function

…and you know. It is called Live Photos and although it takes with us from the iPhone 6s, it seems that it has remained like a residual function to which we hardly take sides. But you're wrong, Live Photos is a tool with many possibilities and today we will teach them to try to convince you . Let's see if you have got carried away by the fashion of the GIFs and you have something very similar in your iPhone and you do not take advantage of it!

In case you did not know, Live Photos allows us to take photos that come alive when touching the screen of our iPhone or iPad , that is, that records what happens 1.5 seconds before and after you take the photo - when you press the button White of your screen -, this way you achieve a spectacular photo by capturing images with movement and sound. In addition, Live Photos can be shared between or edit your contacts.

How to make a Live Photo

Making a Live Photo is very simple, since in fact it is exactly the same as making a traditional photo except for a small detail . Do it like this:

1) Open the Camera app on your iPhone or iPad

2) Select the Photo mode

3) Click on the icon with a drawing of two concentric circles, since it is enabled to activate Live Photos. If it is active, you will see it in yellow.

4) Hold the iPhone without moving it and click on the white button to take the picture.

And that's it, the photo will appear on your iPhone or iPad Reel album. Remember that Live Photos is enabled by default when you buy a terminal, so at some point you had to turn it on or off. By the way, if you want to re-do normal photos, just turned it off.

How to use a Live Photo

So you already have your first Live Photo. Okay, now go look for it to the site of always, that is to the native app Photos and look for it in the Reel. A priori looks like a normal photo, right? Well now touch your surface and be surprised, because you will see how it moves .

Also, you know that if you want you can also put it as a default image when you unlock your terminal, just like any other normal photo, yes, yours will be dynamic. To do this, go to Settings > Wallpaper and select it. So easy and fast.

How to edit a Live Photo

The Live Photos edition is also exactly the same as a standard photo with the tools included in the Photos app, such as trimming, rotating, adjusting light, contrast and color, adding filters, adding text and Hand scribbles

If you want to edit a Live Photo do the following:

1) Go to the Photos app

2) Go to the photos tab

3) Search all of them until you find the Live Photo that you want to edit

4) Click the edit icon and you can use the built-in tools.

An important detail: the Live Photos edition is better done with the native app , since if you use a third-party app you might lose the Live Photo effect ... and who would want a normal photo now that you know almost its full potential?

Sharing a Live Photo

If you are a photography lover, sharing your best snapshots with your family and friends is one of the things you love. In the case of Live Photo it is necessary that they have devices of Apple to be able to appreciate its dynamism , otherwise it would be a simple static photo. In addition, they need to have their iOS updated in the case of iPhone and iPad and Messages for Mac.

Sharing a Live Photo is like doing it with a standard photo:

1) Go to the Photos app

2) Go to the photos tab

3) Search all of them until you find the Live Photo that you want to share

4) Click on the share icon and choose how you want to do it : if you do it with Messages, the other person will receive the Live Photo in all its splendor. On the contrary, if it is via Mail, the image will be sent without movement.

Via | Manzana

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