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Sunday, 25 June 2017

YouTube launches to fight against black borders in videos

Audiovisual production is really complicated, even when it comes to YouTube. There are few hours that a person or a group must pass in front of a computer to compose each of the videos that we will enjoy later, and there are times when this is not taken into account. No matter what format the video is in, there is always a great job behind every great creation .

Sometimes, creators want to give their videos a special touch through the format of the video, but they fear that such a change will alienate their audience, especially if they are accustomed to a very specific style. If the people who follow you notice a strong change in the way you make your videos, it is very possible that a part will leave because you no longer continue using the style that made them follow you. That is why YouTube wants to prevent the public from noting the change when it comes to presenting the video .

A new way to view videos with unusual formats arrives on YouTube for mobile

To make these changes more fluid, and that do not give rise to problems like the ones I mentioned earlier when using different video formats, YouTube has introduced in its latest update a completely new feature for their mobile applications. The main idea is that the app adapts the display sale to each of the formats without getting stuck in the classic horizontal format . In this way, videos in vertical format or in 4: 3, for example, can be seen in all its splendor without the viewer having to do anything.

It may seem silly, but this can help lead to better videos for the community. Creators will not have to worry about the space lost in making a video in an uncommon format , and viewers will be able to see all the videos with the best quality possible and will be able to appreciate the details of each content a little more. This feature is, without a doubt, a great victory for Google.

And you, would you give a shot to videos recorded in formats like the vertical with this new feature?

Source | The Next Web

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