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Sunday, 30 July 2017

10 Amazing Things You Can Do With Facebook Messenger

Although WhatsApp is the most used messaging app on the planet with more than 1,000 active users per day , Facebook is positioned just above as a social network and a little below, your Facebook Messenger messaging app.

Although the title belongs to the same person, the famous Mark Zuckerberg, the reality is that they compete hard against each other and it is even speculated that Facebook Messenger may one day snatch the throne .

And it is that reasons are not missing: apart from allowing us to talk to people individually or in groups, whether by chat or video calls , their functions are many and varied, coming to overcome WhatsApp in this regard.

Below, we review some of its characteristics that surely you did not know:

You do not need a Facebook account

In its goal of being something independent of Facebook despite its name - which is more than anything a hook to loyal users and acts as a complement to the social network - Facebook Messenger can be used without requiring a Facebook account . All you need to do is add your phone number.

You can share music

If you join your Facebook account to register for Spotify , you can use Messenger to share songs with your friends . Simply click on the "+" icon in a chat and click on the Spotify option that appears.

Protect your privacy

Privacy is important and Messenger knows, so it encrypts your chats . The moment you open a conversation, tap on options and select secret chat. You can even check the option to make your messages disappear by clicking on the clock icon.

Plan events

With Facebook you can organize events , well, with Facebook Messenger you can also do the same. To do this, in a chat click on options and select "Start a plan". You only have to enter date and time. Same for group chats.

To play!

You can play games on Facebook Messenger by clicking on the joystick icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Although there are no big news, if you can hang out with classics such as Pac-Man, Space Invaders and the mythical Snake. Also, you can play alone or with friends.

Hide posts

Like email services, Facebook Messenger has its own filter to prevent spam messages. You can find it in the phone book icon at the bottom of the screen.

Nicks and themes

Although by default the appearance of Facebook Messenger is blue, you can change it when opening a chat. Just click on options and change the color. Not a big change, but something is something. You can also change your name for yourself and your friends.

Messenger Day

Messenger Day is almost the same as the Snapchat Stories , allowing you to share photos and videos with a duration of 24 hours. Just click on "add to your day" or the circle at the bottom of the screen and take a photo or record a video.


Facebook wants you to start using Messenger for business , so you can have a conversation with one of the thousands of bots that exist. This is a feature that you can access by clicking on the search bar at the top and looking between the suggested list, or also looking for a company such as Domino's pizza.

Modify the emoji

Another little detail is that Facebook Messenger allows you to edit emojis simply by pressing them to modify its size.

Via | Independent

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