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Sunday, 2 July 2017

11 innovation, worth installing iOS 11

In iOS 11 presents many new features that make the iPhone and iPad more functional, especially when it comes to multitasking. It's not worth waiting for with the new operating system's out of the tablet will replace you with a laptop, but with useful features it has become much more. MacDigger offers a top of the most interesting innovations in iOS 11, for which it is worth installing the new operating system.

1. Improved The keyboard on the iPad

In iOS 11 on the iPad there is no need to switch between distributions - now for the set of numbers and other characters, just do svayp on the button.

2. Advanced Slide Over Mode

The so-called Slide Over function allows you to open one application on top of another. In iOS 11 it has become more flexible, allowing the user to move the screen bar.

3. Drag-and-drop enhancement

C iOS 11 to move files between applications or tabs is much easier. Now you can enjoy the full Drag-and-Drop function. For example, if you move the photo to the Mail icon, the template for the new card will open. Similarly Drag-and-Drop works on macOS.

4. Select multiple icons / files at once

If you usually send photos to your friends, on iOS 11 this has become much easier. Just start dragging and dropping a file, and then hold down the photo, then click on other pictures. Similarly it works by dragging the icons on the home screen.

5. The search for handwriting

If you often take notes with Apple Pencil, you'll like this feature. IOS 11 allows you to search in manuscript. To do this, svayp through the screen to start Spotlight and enter the word.

6. Quick access to the screenshots

If on iOS 11 taking a screenshot, a thumbnail view of a few seconds, will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen. From here you can directly access the edition and the function "Share".

7. The Redesign Of The App Store

Apple has completely changed the design of the App Store. The focus has been on the authority of the collections as well as the categories and interests of the users. Also appeared a token to play.

8. Customizable Control Point of the

In earlier versions of iOS, users really could not change the Control Point. IOS 11 does not allow complete freedom, but allows, at its discretion, to configure the buttons and switches.

9. Video recording with screen

And suddenly, in iOS 11 the opportunity to record a video with the screen of the iPhone and iPad. Screenshot creation icon can be carried in the Control Point.

10. Large support

With iOS 11 and iPad owners can add in the support of more applications. The new dock can accommodate up to 13 icons (15 to 12.9 inches of the iPad Pro) as well as three icons that automatically select the system. In addition, the support is now available from anywhere in the so simple свайпом.

11. Improved screen split mode on iPad

Whether you use the iPad to work, or attend the new opportunities Split-Screen. Now if you open several applications on the same screen and then return to the desktop or open another program, you can again go back to working with two applications of the multitasking bar.

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