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Sunday, 9 July 2017

4 ways iOS 11 will change your Podcasts

Apple has taken over a privileged position in the podcast market. Among iTunes, MacOS and iOS, the Cupertino firm owns the most popular podcast players.

That leadership allows Apple to have a lot of power and influence in the podcast world , even if you do not use the firm's apps to listen to your favorite podcasts.

With iOS 11 Apple will implement new changes in the Podcasts app to improve the organization of the same. This will make it easier to choose which episodes to listen to, and podcasters will be provided with more tools to know their potential reach.

1. Different types of podcasts

In the past, podcast applications assumed that you wanted to start listening from the most recent episode, rather than the first episode. With iOS 11 this will change, since podcasters will have the possibility to choose what type of podcast is: serial or timeless.

2. Seasons

The Apple Podcasts application will allow you to create podcasts in a seasonal format . The app itself will automatically recognize which episodes are part of a season.

3. Trailers

As mentioned previously, podcasts will now be much better organized, and this will also influence additional podcasts, trailers or teasers. Before, if a podcaster wanted to add a trailer had to do with the rest of episodes, but this will change with iOS 11 as they will have a special section dedicated to them .

4. Analytical

Apple announced that, with iOS 11, they will begin offering all kinds of data, statistics and analysis on users listening to podcasts. So, podcasters will have the chance to know which schedules are most effective, which episodes are most liked by listeners, and which seasons have been most successful . This will positively influence podcasts in the long run.

What do you think about the changes included in the iOS 11 Podcasts app?

Source | Mac World

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