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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

5 nasty surprises you'll find if you go from iOS to Android

IOS is our preferred system, that is much more than clear, of course it is not perfect, it would lack more. IOS has a few bugs that can surely be improved , and although a server somewhat fanatic by the apple believes that having blocked the ability to pass songs from iPhone to PC is a security improvement that Android lacks, does not mean that there are no bugs .

But of course, there are always people who have problems with five problems, such as iOS can not be modified (something that I have never personally done with Android), and based on these problems want to migrate from your iPhone to an Android phone ( Probably Chinese, because in price quality they are the best).

What does this mean? If there are people who decide to switch from their wonderful iPhone of minimum 750 euros to a simple Android phone of at least 150 euros, it means that the Google operating system (Internet search engine, I've linked it) is doing some good things. So, to curb this wave of migrations from iPhone to Android, we are going to make a small compilation of very unpleasant surprises that you will find if you switch from iOS to Android, and I do not say it, as the Reddit users themselves say.

Read this before selling your iPhone 7 for less than it cost you

I repeat that I like iOS and I do not hate Android . Each operating system has its advantages and disadvantages, but even though Android has enough good things, we're just going to tell you the disadvantages , so a subjective view of the system and in this way do not really influence your final decision.


Maybe iOS is not very customizable, but when there is a new version of the system, it is advertised with hype so that even the last person with an iPhone finish updating to the new version. On the other hand, Android is quite discreet with its new versions. But not only that, depending on the mobile you have, you will be surprised to know that there is no way to upgrade to the latest version of Android , leaving you stuck in an obsolete firmware with your mobile of 700 euros.

We do not talk about that at the beginning if they can update in a few years the support, we speak that from the beginning the support is limited . And in the case of phones that do update, they will only get updates for about 2 or 3 years, while iPhone have support for 4, 5 or even 6 generations of phones.


That you can only access your iPhone using iTunes when you use a computer is not a fad of the company , is a security feature that lacks Android. Being Android the main target of hackers by the simple fact that it is easier to hack, it also influences that you can not install new updates because they simply are not compatible with the older phones. Apple nevertheless puts all its effort and dedication in that the people update their telephones, of this form iOS always remains almost impenetrable.

Android phones follow Apple

Virtually all Android phones are in Apple's queue . Maybe some company makes some more innovative component that does not own (or use) Apple, however, in design, materials and many functions, always copy Apple.

Without going any further, the Meizu Pro 6 Plus has got rid of the traditional navigation buttons that have always used Android, leaving only the Home button. Even in this same mobile have managed to incorporate a functional 3D Touch, just like Apple .

Worst service and technical support

Is your mobile broken? Pay your repair and within 1 to 7 days you can go and look for it. No doubt, Android users know what this is. Of course, if your iPhone crashes you'll have to pay for the repair, but if you go to the Apple Store, you'll see how they put all their efforts into repairing it right there and making you feel comfortable. In many cases, if your iPhone is under warranty or covers the Apple Care protection plan, you can get a new mobile phone being left the broken .

Also, if you decide to repair your Android phone in an unofficial store, maybe you also put unofficial components . Which means that perhaps your replaced broken screen is not official and has less quality or bugs in it. In my personal case, a close relative who repaired the screen of his phone, left enough glue visible on the outside of the terminal, right at the joints of the front glass.

Slow Android

Your new Android surely works beautifully, but over the years, it stops being so good. The failures and slowness are coming and you realize that your high-end phone works quite badly . Then come applications that fail again and again with no reason or solution to the eye more than formatting the terminal, something that often solves nothing.

Then we have the iPhone, a fast terminal from the first day to (realistically) its penultimate year. Even comparing them when they are both new, Apple always takes the fastest phone on the market . No matter what year it is or what time we are, Apple always brings out the best terminal of the moment.

You've already seen nasty surprises you can find if you decide to leave your iPhone for an Android . I love my audience a lot and for that reason I do not want you to take a dislike to change, not to say that I have not warned you. Still, you may like all of the above, no one is going to mess with your tastes and fully respect your opinion.

And would you currently change iOS for Android?

Source | Andro4all.com

Note : This article has been written as humorous review and in response to our friends from Andro4All 😉

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