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Monday, 3 July 2017

5 reasons to exclude from Windows and start a new life with macOS

This week in Russia, Ukraine and other countries fell the giant cyberattack. Хакерская the attack of the virus-вымогателя "pete" demonstrated the vulnerability of information structures throughout the world. Previously last month there was a no less widespread of the WannaCry virus epidemic, to which they are also unprepared.

The attacks have targeted computers running Windows. This is the main computer science of vulnerability in the modern world, write Nv. It will make at least a part of the users think about Windows care. For a long time.

MacOS refers to security, stability, beauty and comfort, with minimal configuration flexibility, but with minimum user computer knowledge requirements. The user, if not against it, can easily delve into how this all works.

In a century, when the computer stopped being simply a toy, and became a vulnerable part of each person's personal space "coffee maker" has a little worry about cyber security.

So, not trying to start another холивар on the Windows vs. Mac theme, we offer some of the thesis in title defense.

1. Security

The vast majority of viruses, "шифровальщиков", etc. Which are developed for Windows attacks. Absolutely the vast majority. Well, here's 99.9%.

The same figure can be mentioned in a different context. While Windows users, who do not install anti-virus, only comparable to idiots, who do not use condoms in the brothel, most users of MacOS and Linux generally do not know what an antivirus is.

You can long discuss about what macOS is already popular, virus writers and hackers would have happened to it. And he says, in Linux there is no virus as they are not used. Yes, in the ratio of Linux desktops is very small, but it is a Linux system found in the server base of the structure of the internet world, in them work almost all supercomputers and cloud categories, the mobile platform Of Android (in it there are "holes", but they are not related to Linux, and with the virtual machine of Java, that works on the nucleus), in them they have banking systems, etc.

2. Once again security

By itself the macOS is more secure than Windows because of its structure. The hierarchy of users, root, etc. Of the own philosophy of virus penetration in Windows computers is not suitable for attack on Unix systems.

Again, this does not mean that mac viruses are not possible. They're possible. It is more, from which arise periodically. But more difficult to write and their opportunities in the system for much less.

In the Linux world, there is the open source advantage. The core of the system and its components are constantly in обозрении which has a large community of programmers from all over the world. Found errors are sometimes corrected in a matter of hours.

3. Comfort

From the point of view of usability macOS considerably exceeds Windows. In particular, after the epic experiments with the suppression of the start button and then its triumphant return.

MacOS is beautiful and elegant. And in the world of Linux there is a wide variety of interfaces at the user's choice. They are the ones that are closer to the classic Windows, that is, those that mimic the macOS. There are development communities (as one of my favorites Gnome Shell).

Steve Jobs at the time aptly said about Microsoft - "they have no taste". And that is the truth. Windows is seen in the background of macOS and many shells in Linux as the result of the Chinese automotive sector in the background, say, a Jaguar or a Maserati.

4. The question of habits

Many fear "рыпаться", since Windows so natural and habitual. And on Mac it is necessary to teach something new. Yes Yes. This, until you had passed with the old Windows 7 (or pardon us, sir, Windows XP) in more recent versions.

Нещадные experiments on the users of these cool versions brought many of my friends into the care of Windows. The system stopped being known and the natives. Keep in mind how much MacOS has changed over the years, but all the key concepts of management and visual elements have stayed in place. At Apple they care about their users.

The particularities of macOS can get used to day or two. No "красноглазия", no manual "command introduction (although there are fans of the Terminal).

5. The effectiveness of

The availability of applications and games, as a rule, is known as the dignity of Windows. So, considering that 99% of normal users who use the browser more (and the same Chrome is the same on all operating systems), I declare that it sucks.

If you are a normal user, then you can easily within minutes обзаведетесь on Mac suite of applications that allow you to cover all your needs.

"The domination of Windows in personal computers - a relic of the past"

Yes, I will not discuss, there are a number of programs, first, the professional destination, as well as a large number of games that exist only in Windows, or their version of Windows noticeably better.

In addition, there is a large "queue" of old applications for specific tasks (banking, research, military industry, etc.), which are still used, and to work with them needs Windows. Because for different reasons people who can not / do not want to replace these new applications.

But this only means one thing. Windows is нишевый product of the "gurus" Excel "or" mages of Outlook ". But where he was given his staff the home team?

Yes Yes. The current situation with the dominance of Windows on personal computers is a relic of the past.

Windows is still very good solution for certain categories of users. It drops even 10% or 20% (this is a huge amount of people), but the most common rest of the users who use the browser and uploading internet фоточки and киношки, Windows is not necessary.

Windows is нишевое solution, do not argue. It must stop being massive. And then, regardless of what is going to attack us simply hackers or perverse, вымогатели биткоинов - we will lower your chances of success.

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