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Sunday, 9 July 2017

5 tricks of iPhone and iPad to be more productive in iOS 10

After the presentation of iOS 11 in the WWDC we have talked about each and every one of the elements of its renewed user interface: the Control Center, the Notifications Center , the Dock and many others. But we will not let go of iOS 10. iPadizate will continue to provide tips, tricks and tips of the current version of the software for your iPhone and iPad.

This time we will focus on a series of tricks to improve the productivity of your iPhone and iPad on iOS 10 . You may know some of them, but surely most of them have not discovered them yet.

Keyboard shortcuts

The Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro models has a series of shortcuts or keyboard shortcuts that will allow you to improve productivity in iOS 10:

  • With "Cmd-H" you will return to the home screen.
  • In Spotlight you can use the arrows to discover search suggestions.
  • With "Cmd-Shift 3" you will take a screenshot, just like on Mac.
  • With "Opt" and arrows you can navigate word for word in any text.
  • With "Opt" and "Delete" you can delete words one by one.

Replacing text

In iOS 10 you have the possibility to replace any text with the words and characters you want. For example, if you type "ipdz" it will automatically be changed to "http://www.cydiaplus.com". An ideal way to save time in Settings> General> Keyboard> Text Replacement .

Photo Annotations

Many of our readers are likely to use various photo editing applications, including those specially designed for annotating, adding arrows and other touch-ups . But iOS 10 already has functionality in the native Photos app to mark, point and annotate notes in the images.

Widgets Settings

One way to improve productivity on iOS 10 is to use the Widgets for the home screen and for the lock screen . You can use Widgets for the calendar, for reminders, for recipes of conoina, for meteorological information ... Here we leave some applications of Widgets:

 RTVE.es | Móvil
RTVE.es | Móvil

Kitchen Stories - libro de cocina
Food & Drink

Weather Widget

Data Widget


Sharing extension organization

As you know, iOS 10 has different extensions for sharing content in its different native applications (and in certain third-party applications). What you may not know is that it is possible to change the order of these extensions on your iPhone and iPad. So if you usually share more content in Messages or add them to Notes you can move them to the first place to do it more efficiently. Just press "More", keep your finger pressed on one of the options and move it to wherever you want it to be.

Via | The Verge

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