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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

5 ways to make your iPhone consume less mobile data

In the iOS App Store there are applications that consume a lot of mobile data like Twitter or Facebook, for example. Curiously and logically, these types of applications tend to be the ones we use most on the iPhone (social networks, instant messaging, games, etc.).

Using too much mobile data on your iPhone can mean a big increase in the total cost of your operator's bills. That is why today, in iPadizate, we will help you reduce your cats by making your iPhone consume less mobile data .

Pay close attention to these tricks and tips because they will allow you to save mobile data in 5 different ways . We hope you find it useful!

Mobile data on iCloud

You can disable the use of mobile data in iCloud from Settings> iCloud> iCloud Drive by disabling the option at the bottom.

Automatic Downloads

It is also important that you disable automatic downloads with mobile data. App stores could download updates using your mobile data, if you want to avoid it you can do so by unchecking the option from Settings> iTunes and App Store> Use mobile data .

Wi-Fi Support

Your iPhone can recognize if your Wi-Fi signal is weak to automatically use mobile data. It is recommended to disable this functionality from Settings> Mobile Data> Wi-Fi Support .


Similarly, you should also disable all those applications that use the most mobile data. Choose all the ones you want in Settings> Mobile data .

Background update

When you are using mobile data on your iPhone, it is important that you have disabled the option of updates in the background, as it loads applications contents even if they are not open. You can do this in Settings> General> Background Update .

Of course, if you have too little data, it is advisable to deactivate the mobile data to minimize its consumption when you are not using them and to re-activate them when you open an application.

Source | Business Insider

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