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Thursday, 13 July 2017

7 cheats to save battery with iOS 11

Developers and people who want to take a look can now access the iOS 11 beta to see their new features and report any glitches. The problem with beta versions of any operating system is that it causes different performance and stability issues . In the case of iOS specifically, a reduction of the autonomy of the device .

This is a very serious problem , especially if we intend to use the device with the beta of iOS 11. Therefore, today we bring 7 tricks that will make your experience with iOS 11 more bearable .

Outside widgets

These are very useful, they get us out of any hurry when we have more hurry . However, enjoying these costs us a lot of battery , especially those who use GPS as time. Turn off widgets by going to the bottom of the widgets screen and clicking Edit.

Leave Siri deaf

The "Oye Siri" functionality allows us to activate the voice assistant of our iPhone with just talk. This of course consumes a lot of battery , since it keeps the microphone of the phone always on . Disabled from the iPhone settings in "Siri" and "Hey Siri".

Battery Saver Mode

It is clear that it is necessary for the battery to last longer. This saving mode that is inside the system, deactivates many functions that consume battery in the background . It is advisable to keep it turned on since the functions you deactivate are not excessively useful if you are short of battery.

Disable Pick up to activate

It is not so difficult to press a button for our iPhone to turn on your screen. It is best to keep this function off if you want to save battery, this will not turn on the screen by mistake . This can be disabled in Settings, from "Display and Brightness" and "Lift to Activate".

Turn off iOS effects

IOS looks very nice with its effects, transparencies and animations, but this consumes a lot of battery . From accessibility you can reduce the movement so that the system becomes more static and consume less battery when having to load less graphics .

Disable Frequent Locations

It is a function that only improves the location of the integrated applications of the system , recognizing places that we visit frequently. To turn it off, go to Settings, "Privacy", "Location Services" and "Frequent Locations."

After doing all this, you will notice that your iPhone will last longer without the need to load , even with the beta of iOS 11. I also recommend not to use an iOS beta on a phone that we use every day , since they are versions of the developing system that Can hinder our experience with iOS.

Source | Applesfera.com

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