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Sunday, 2 July 2017

7 useful free applications for iPhone and iPad

Everyone loves apps from the App Store, but much more so if they are free. As we usually do every week, in this article we will recommend a selection with 7 free apps for iPhone and iPad .

The App Store is constantly updated, offering all kinds of offers and discounts . Without going any further, last week we were able to download the SEGA classics for free on iOS.

Today we will leave aside the games of the App Store to focus on a selection full of useful applications of productivity, planning and photography . Shall we begin?

7 free limited time apps for iPad and iPhone

Day One

Day One is one of the most popular diaries in the iOS App Store. It allows you to enter all kinds of content in your entries: reminders, maps, photos ... It also supports 3D Touch.


Sorted is a very organized daily planning application with a minimalist user interface. It will allow you to manage much better the tasks that you perform in your day to day to take a good control of your time.

Perfect me

Perfect Me is an application that, as its name indicates very well, will offer you the possibility of perfecting yourself. The app will ask you a series of questions of your daily life so you know if you have good or bad habits.

Time Manager

Time Manager is a very useful application for iPhone and iPad with which you will be able to keep track of your daily activities. With a simple touch you can access all the tasks and edit them at any time.


A photography application that will allow you to capture moments in black and white. It has a preview so you can see how the monochrome photographs are.


We continue with another photo editing application, this time is dedicated to retouching images. It has all kinds of textures, masks and filters, and allows you to work with layers.


A very curious application for iPhone and iPad with which you can relive moments and memories of days, months and even years ago.


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