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Monday, 3 July 2017

A manufacturer of sleeves reveals the ultimate design of the iPhone 8

Throughout these months we have been waiting for the launch of the most desired smartphone of the years with an endless number of leaks that have disrupted Apple, even going so far as to develop a protocol aimed at minimizing them . Judging by the latest developments, this plan should not be working too well because even a popular accessory manufacturer called Nodus has filtered how its iPhone 8 cases will be. But quiet Tim Cook, we will buy it the same.

And we know almost everything of the iPhone 8 : the borderless screen with integrated home button, inductive and fast wireless charging, dual vertical camera and this time, the iPhone 8 is going to go up to 4 figures in terms of price. The only surprise that we had in vilo was where would integrate the Touch ID, which we know will be on the screen.

But now, Nodus in collaboration with Youtuber EverythingApplePro, have provided us and confirmed something we already knew, its external design, which they know thanks to CAD models provided by the chain of manufacturers. And eye, this is not a rumor, here until we know that the cofounder of Nodus, Jack Spencer, has confirmed this news .

So here we have the Nodus case that comes with a dock load, which as you see fits perfectly to the rumors that we have been publishing these months. There are no secrets, but it does not stop being spectacular .

Unfortunately, these CAD does not allow us to confirm the materials, we know that the screen is OLED and probably your body will be glass to allow wireless charging, but the textures will not know until the end .

Via | Forbes

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