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Friday, 21 July 2017

A new apple patent unveils wireless charger with Siri

The Cupertino giant has surprised us this week with the launch of a new patent , this is usually nothing new considering that Apple launches all the patents it can , but this particular is quite interesting.

The new patent presented by Apple incorporates technology information that may come in the future , we speak of a wireless charging port with Siri. The original name of the translated patent is: "Smart port to activate voice recognition in electronic devices portals". This charging station, of course, would incorporate a microphone and speakers to talk to Siri more easily . The patent also adds information and describes multiple ways to charge the iPhone, including wireless charging .

But before we begin to speculate on the subject, we must remember that it is only a patent , not a product that will come in the future. However, it is quite interesting to note that this patent brings some technology that could be added to the HomePod or to create a cheaper version of it , as it will cost a whopping $ 349 (349 euros + probably VAT).

How could it be used on a more affordable device?

Like Amazon did with the Echo Dot that cost $ 50, the device that proposes this patent could work in a similar way . An affordable device that depends on the phone to work and so bring Siri to your home .

It should be noted that Apple made a similar patent in 2012 , so we may think that this is not a new idea of ​​the company. Apple had this idea many years ago and has been experimenting and developing for years to perfect this product .

Anyway, as with all Apple patents, it is interesting to see what is cooked in the bright minds of Cupertino . Even if the wireless charge with Siri never appears. The excitement and eagerness to see what they have been working on in recent years is always a memorable experience.

Source | Theverge.com

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