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Sunday, 16 July 2017

A new leak of the iPhone 8 shows spectacular things ... And others that are not so

It does not take a lynx to realize that the iPhone 8 has become trend even before its release. Being Apple that we talked about, this is not too surprising, but the truth is that this new model is creating much more expectation than was originally expected . Analysts keep checking their forecasts every few months, and rumors and leaks keep popping up to further boost the "hype".

Precisely, these days have begun to appear more data and images than ever on the next iPhone. From the first photos on the iPhone 8 with mirror housing, some information on the launch of the phone and possible delays. And it's still not over there, as new photos of the first third-party sleeves designed for the new member of Apple's smartphone line have appeared .

A rear part confirmed for the umpteenth time, and a frontal that does not stop raising doubts

From Slashleaks , they bring us these images that confirm again the design we had seen these months . Again, we have the double camera with 3D technology, which changes the orientation of the cameras for better use in landscape mode. You can also sense the absence of the Touch ID sensor on the back, leaving you with two possibilities, or integrating with the front panel, or using advanced face recognition.

On the other hand, this new filtration has also left us with something not so good. And it is that, having "confirmed" the design of the black iPhone that we had seen previously, also increase the chances of having the controversial design with the shape of the screen deformed by the top speaker . Apple may have an interesting and innovative function ready to justify it, but I think it's going to be something that we're going to have to deal with.

And you, do you like what you are seeing from the design of the new iPhone?

Via | BGR

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