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Friday, 14 July 2017

A new WhatsApp update is now available, and this is what brings you back

WhatsApp updates always give life to the app, and give us new options to communicate with our family, friends and colleagues. It is good to know that the developers of one of the most used IM clients in the world have not slept on their laurels . Especially when these have stepping on alternative heels like Telegram, or even as the other great messenger app Facebook, Messenger.

Talking about these two apps, it is curious to see how they have managed to influence both the one who was once the simplest client that was available in the app stores. Starting with Facebook, that has been getting into the development of WhatsApp since completing the acquisition . This, together with the great growth that Telegram has undergone, has caused that they decide to implant piles of new functions that would not otherwise have arisen.

Filters, shortcuts and albums in the new WhatsApp update

In this new version, three new functions have been included to improve the use of the application. The first feature is part of the camera, which in this case improves to give us the option to add different filters to our photos, videos or GIFs , you just have to do or select one in the interface and slide up to activate the selector Filters. The second novelty is also related to the images, from now on, when you receive several consecutive photos of the same contact these will be grouped into a single album.

Finally, a new shortcut has been added to respond to messages more quickly , we simply have to slide the finger to the right in any message. With that gesture, we can avoid having to access the context menu to generate a response.

And you, Are you still using WhatsApp as much as before or do you use any other app?

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