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Friday, 28 July 2017

A photo has confirmed the arrival of an expected function to the iPhone

Little by little, we are seeing as the rumors about the new iPhone are becoming more and more in leaks. That is to say, we are no longer dealing with simple information coming from completely unknown places, but we begin to see how the pieces are fitting little by little. And never better, because in this case, it is an alleged part of the production line of the new iPhone that has been discovered by someone eager to make a mess in the community.

And not for less, because what has been seen is something that would confirm one of the most requested and expected features . The wireless charge that we have spoken so much and that many doubts has generated could have come true once and for all on the iPhone. This is as close as we have ever been to knowing whether or not we will actually have this great feature that personally I am looking forward to the new model of the Apple phone line.

We have already been able to see the module responsible for the wireless load

In the image that has filtered, we can see one of the modules that would compose the iPhone 8. And most interesting of all, it is the coil that is located in the center of it. This is primarily responsible for the induction charging system . The existence of this piece, which fits with the filtered measurements of the new iPhone, begins to clarify the key features of the new phone, which at first seemed rather impossible. Not because they were something never seen, but because they seem to be too much for what we are accustomed to.

Another important detail is that, as previously known, this wireless charging system would operate according to the Qi standard . This is currently the most used in the market, so there are already lots of accessories ready for the new iPhone. So, if you want to prepare your desk for your arrival, maybe it would be nice if you left a space for a wireless charging base. In my personal experience, few functions are as comfortable as that.

And you, will you use the wireless charge?

Source | Slashleaks

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