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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Add a second screen to your iPhone 7

The world of iPhone cases will never cease to amaze us. Today I bring you one of the most peculiar and strange but at the same time surprising cases of the market , I speak of InkCase i7.

This case is very different from any other we can find by Amazon for example. It incorporates nothing more and nothing less than a black and white screen . What do you mean, a screen? Yes, yes, a full-screen, not only that, it even has a battery and internal storage to read eBooks or see images.

But still having a screen, it is still a sling. It has the technology BubblePro, which protects our phone from any blow and also adds certain protections against water . It also has a very sturdy plastic that will not break if it falls the times it falls, however it is still noticeable light and thin.

How does it work?

The InkCase i7 connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth, allowing you to send eBooks directly to the case. The result of this is a small, portable e-book. So we can leave our Kindle at home, as this case incorporates all the technology of this . It remains fully visible in full sunlight and its resolution is excellent.

In this case you can add everything you want, add information about your tasks and time and is even able to show iPhone notifications. In this way, you will always be aware of everything and will not spend the phone battery . In addition, it is able to synchronize with any document you have on the phone or even with any news page. Of course, it will be impossible not to catch up with the InkCase i7 .

This incredible case can be purchased directly from Amazon for the price of 119 euros. If you think it might be useful for you in the future, take a look.

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