All secrets of "Do not disturb the steering wheel", the new iOS 11 for your iPhone -


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Monday, 3 July 2017

All secrets of "Do not disturb the steering wheel", the new iOS 11 for your iPhone

Whether you've chosen to overtake the rest and enjoy the beta of iOS 11 on your iPhone , or if you plan to wait until September, when you officially see the light of the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8, There will be a function that will be especially interesting and that we want to introduce you. It is called Do not disturb the steering wheel - or do not disturb while driving, we are still pending the official translation - and comes to solve a dangerous habit of smartphone users: that of looking at the iPhone while driving , which is also equally dangerous In the case of pedestrians.

Do not disturb the steering wheel is designed to block incoming calls, texting and notifications while you're driving, to prevent accidents with device distractions .

This functionality has been activated in the second beta of iOS 11 and is a little more or less an extension of the "Do Not Disturb" feature, widely known by all to disconnect from the vortex of notifications when arriving home after a long day of work . Like "Do not disturb", "Do not disturb the steering wheel" can be configured to be activated automatically when connecting our iPhone to the car via Bluetooth, or manually .

This is how it works "Do not disturb the steering wheel" in iOS 11

With the automatic activation , once the iPhone detects that you are accelerating, it activates Do not disturb the steering wheel, something very useful to disentangle but perhaps more annoying if you are a passenger iPhone user, because it will also be activated. However, you can always activate and deactivate it from the Control Center quickly .

With Do Not Disturb mode , calls, notifications and texts will be silenced and your iPhone screen will remain dark . In addition, it will have built-in an option so if someone sends you a message, a message will automatically be sent stating that you are driving and that you try later.

However, in case of an emergency , if there are two calls or messages followed in a short time, you can configure it to let you know or to do so for a certain group of people, such as your contacts or your favorites. Of course, you can only answer the calls either by stopping the car or by a hands-free.

Remember that you can activate or deactivate Do not disturb the wheel whenever you want , but we recommend both to avoid fines and dislikes, to make use of it. That you know that there is also a Restriction to be activated in parental control, something that makes sense in countries where you can drive with 16 years ... although here would also miss some young people with the L on the back.

Via | MacRumors

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