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Monday, 17 July 2017

Anytime, Amazon's messaging app to annihilate WhatsApp

Amazon is a giant of leftovers known for its great presence in the global online shopping market, a market that, in fact, as a seller, dominates without anyone getting too close to its position. Not content with that, the company has been throwing itself for others, with better or worse result. From streaming video platforms to mobile phones, Amazon has no problem experimenting with any product to increase its presence.

A few years ago, they launched their own application download platform, with some really new offers such as publishing apps that would normally be paid as free only in your store. Now, Amazon wants to launch a somewhat more conventional proposal in the form of a multi-platform instant messaging client , and will call it Anytime, which in Spanish would be translated as "anytime", alluding to it being present on all devices.

It has not yet come out, and has already lost all its chances of winning this battle

According to TechCrunch , this new messaging service would allow sending both text and audio, images and video, in a way similar to what WhatsApp already does. In addition, it would allow the use of different services of the Amazon itself such as the purchase of products through the app itself. It would also integrate a small library of social games in the purest style of the mythical MSN Messenger.

At the moment, we have only been able to know some of the possible main functions of this new app thanks to a survey shared by AFTVNews , but what we have already seen, leaves us with a proposal very similar to the existing ones. After other big companies like Google have tried (with little success) to introduce themselves with such interesting proposals as Allo, nothing makes it seem that Amazon will have an opportunity to face the big ones in the sector .

And you, do you think you can conquer WhatsApp users?

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