Apple and LG unite to remove Samsung from the throne of OLED panels -


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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Apple and LG unite to remove Samsung from the throne of OLED panels

This year, with the advent of the next iPhone, a new viewing technology is expected to make its first appearance in the Apple product range. A technology that, without a doubt, will give the phone the excellence in quality that the company seeks for its users. We are talking about OLED technology, one of the highest exponents in terms of panels , with pure blacks and really incredible colors.

With the leap from LCD panels to new OLEDs, we can all see an important difference from previous iPhone models, something that will allow us to enjoy the iOS experience like never before. The problem is, it is not as easy to produce as the current screens . The manufacturing methods of this type of panel are not as advanced as the LCD, and that is why it requires large investments to meet the future demand that will come with the iPhone 8. And Apple will be there to support its development.

LG and Apple united to achieve accelerated development of OLED technology

We have already informed you previously how Apple is preparing for the next years with an alliance with its eternal rival, Samsung . For now, this will serve to have relatively little control over the production of the new iPhone, but may not be enough in the medium term. That's why Cupertino's have decided to start working with LG to have exclusive OLED panel production facilities for their products .

To do this, the Californian company will invest between $ 1.75 and $ 2.72 billion in Korean , which, if predictions are met, will begin production sometime in 2019 . Until then, Apple will have to cope with Samsung as its only ally, although judging by the latter's motives, does not appear to be a problem in the short term. Can Apple survive until then knowing that it contributes to improve the balance of one of its main competitors?

Via | MacRumors

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