Apple could introduce a new iPhone SE in August -


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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Apple could introduce a new iPhone SE in August

Good news for lovers of the little iPhone SE: a rumor suggests that Apple plans to present a new edition of iPhone SE next month . Although this is a somewhat unusual date for those of Cupertino - who introduced the original iPhone SE in March 2016 -, the news would be well collected by a stratum of users who saw in pain how everything pointed to a discontinuation of the model inspired by the IPhone 5 that has given so many good times.

Of course, the plans to launch the iPhone 8 and the continuations of the iPhone 7 through its edition of the sys Plus would continue , although with the expected delay. As expected lately, the Apple flagship would see the light 4 weeks later than we have accustomed, that is, in October.

According to the iGeneration website - the first to run the rumor - the new iPhone SE would be even cheaper than its previous edition , with an output cost of 399 euros for 32GB storage. Currently, the iPhone SE costs 489 euros, although it is not very difficult to get it cheaper by looking a bit on the web and even in Apple's sister stores.

But even so, we do not have them all with us, and is that is the first rumor we hear in this sense, something quite unusual considering that we took months and months getting leaked from iPhone 8 , the true workhorse of Apple to To face the competition.

In addition, some elements of iOS 11 indicate that the optimization of the new operating system for Apple devices is oriented towards larger screens , having blatantly to increase the elements, something that does not favor very small screens.

If confirmed, the expected changes would be minor and hardware-centric. However, we are inclined to think that perhaps this secrecy is due to the fact that rather than presenting a new iPhone SE, what Apple plans to do is lower the price even more to gain better access to markets in developing countries, as it has already done in India.

Via | 9to5Mac

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