Apple develops its own OLED technology to kick the Samsung -


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Monday, 24 July 2017

Apple develops its own OLED technology to kick the Samsung

The iPhone 8 (iPhone X, iPhone Edition, iPhone Pro ...) will have a wireless charging system , a dual camera upright and a 5.8 inch OLED screen that will cover the entire front of the device.

The supply of OLED displays will be carried out by Samsung, as the company dominates the market for OLED panels for smartphones. But, it seems, Apple does not like much relying on its competitors regarding a component so important to the iPhone ...

According to Digitimes , Apple has acquired CVD machinery and has established a line of research and development in Taiwan to develop its own OLED display technology . A move that was already seen since Samsung was delayed in delivering the first OLED panels for the 10th anniversary iPhone.

Apple wants to get rid of Samsung once and for all

Interestingly, Samsung expanded its OLED panel manufacturing facility precisely to continue to supply supplies to Apple (and other companies) in the not too distant future. But Apple has become tired, the apple bite company does not want to depend on its competitors.

In fact, Apple already left behind Samsung in the production and development of the chips belonging to the processor for the iPhone 7 , leaving to charge to TSMC like the unique company of manufacturing of said chips.

In the past, Apple has invested many times in i + d, tools and equipment necessary to offer new technologies to the market of the technology industry. But Apple will cede its own OLED technology to other manufacturing companies, such as Foxconn or Pegatron . As has happened so many times before.

The development of Apple's OLED technology will take some time to complete its process and see what effect it has on the smartphone market. Meanwhile, Samsung will continue to supply OLED panels to Apple, and is said to be 160 million panels over the next two years.

Via | 9to5mac

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