Apple finishes with iPod nano and iPod shuffle -


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Friday, 28 July 2017

Apple finishes with iPod nano and iPod shuffle

Without a doubt, the iPod has been one of the great revolutions of Apple's history, that taking advantage of the needs of the users has been evolving over the years.

Well, today begins the end of an era, and without any reason, Apple has decided to discontinue iPod nano and iPod shuffle , with iPod touch being the only device in the 'iPod' family that continues on the market.

Even so, it is important to keep in mind that it is likely that both devices can be purchased over the next few days until the stock finishes, and even some physical store may continue to sell them for some time.

IPod touch becomes the only member of the family

As for the reason that has led the Cupertino to make this decision, although there is no official announcement is most likely related to Apple Music and other services of streaming music, as you know, iPod touch is The only one that can make use of them.

In short, from now on we will only have iPod touch among us , a device that basically is an iPhone that can not make calls, which helps many users choose not only to listen to music but to browse Internet and make use of the millions of possibilities offered by the App Store in the form of applications.

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