Apple has reduced the prices of its products in India -


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Monday, 3 July 2017

Apple has reduced the prices of its products in India

Under the strategy of increasing the market share of Apple has lowered the prices of its products in India. The device of the "apple" of the brand have been lowered in price in the company's online store, as well as authorized dealers.

This week in India have been in the sale of the first iPhone smart phones SE, collected in the production capacity of Apple's partner Wistron company. The device is sold with the label "Designed by Apple in California. Picked up in India ".

Beginning of local production has allowed Apple to reduce in India, the price of its products. The country's authorities have provided the company with tax benefits of 7.5%. Now, the cost of iPhone 7 in India is 56 200 rupees (51 200 rubles) instead of 60 000 rupees (54 700 rubles). The iPhone SE has been lowered in price with 27 200 (24 of 800 rubles) up to 26,000 rupees (23 700 rubles). The price reduction has also touched the iPad, Apple Watch and Mac.

The localization of iPhone production will allow Apple not only to obtain tax benefits, but opens the brand's network of retail stores in India, which will help it to consolidate its brand in the country where, Despite the boom in sales of "smart" phones, the proportion of small.

Apple controls only 3% of the smartphone market in India, mainly because more than 75% sold here the device cost less than $ 250. Thanks to this, competitors of the company, including Samsung, who offer an initial model and the average price ranges, have a clear advantage. Almost all those sold on Indian phones: 95% - are priced below $ 500.

According to analysts, in the mobile year the Indian market will exceed the amount by the number of units sold American and is ranked 2nd after the largest market in the world - China. Sales in China for several years supported Apple's expansion, but now growth in this market slows.

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