Apple has registered the iCloud brand for "smart" glasses and helmets -


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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Apple has registered the iCloud brand for "smart" glasses and helmets

One of the most intriguing of the projections for the near future, and is that Apple plans to launch "smart" points, which should be the next "big" product after the iPhone. In favor of it speaks the fact that the company of cupertino has extended the action of the brand iCloud.

Apple is fairly transparent has alluded to interest носимым in the head gadgets, including in the description of the brand cloud services, two new types Of devices: "smart" of the glasses and helmets.

According to the International classification of marks are divided into 45 classes and are organized by type of goods and services. From the information on the Net, iCloud now goes through the 9-class International Classification of Products and Services (МКТУ) and includes "helmets" - "digital led, electronic devices, able to guarantee internet access" and "computing The software for configuration, configuration, processing and control.

Also the brand covers the application of "smart" points and describes devices such as screens for virtual machine and augmented reality glasses, controllers and headphones, 3D glasses, sunglasses, optical, sunglasses and optical products " .

According to analysts' forecast, Apple will bring to market its own "smart" points in the year 2020. They will be an augmented reality device and over time will change the balance of forces in the industry. After the launch of Apple Glasses "the popularity of iPhone will begin to decline due to the growth in demand" smart "points that will assume some of the functions of the iPhone.

However, the experts predict a "disappearance" of the iPhone, giving it for a minimum of 10 years of existence in the market. In addition, giant "apple" did not stutter over the intentions to enter the market for augmented reality devices, it was not information and, in the last leaks.

Although, not so long ago, we reported on the purchase of German Apple hardware and software developer for tracking the movements of SensoMotoric Instruments eyes. Its development can serve as a basis for the future of the Apple Glasses user interface.

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