Apple helps the hard of hearing with a hearing aid for iPhone -


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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Apple helps the hard of hearing with a hearing aid for iPhone

Apple does things very well when it comes to accessibility technology for people with speech, hearing or vision difficulties. A clear example of this are the 50 different models of devices that are synchronized with the iPhone to offer very useful adjustments to the user.

Many iPhone users with hearing difficulties use a cochlear implant . These accessories stimulate the nerve of the listener and use an external processor of sounds to help people listen.

Keep in mind that these implants are essential for many people, and much more in the times in which we live. That's why Apple wanted to make this technology compatible by synchronizing a new cochlear implant with iPhone .


Sarah Herrlinger, director of accessibility and initiatives at Apple, said that the arrival of this new implant compatible with iPhone will have a great impact on society and help millions of people around the world.

The device has been announced by Cochlear company on Wednesday. It allows people using the sound processor to relay audio in phone calls, podcasts, music and video calls from any iPhone, iPad and iPod touch model.

Users can download an application called Nucleus Smart App to control in a much more precise way what they are listening, instead of using a remote control as they have done so far for many years.

Apple, along with Cochlear, has again demonstrated that it is here to help all people thanks to the innovation of the world of technology . Without doubt, it seems to us a commendable initiative, and we invite the other companies to participate in similar projects. What do you think about this wonderful news? We wait for you in the comments.

Source | Mashable

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