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Monday, 24 July 2017

Apple is ahead of the Galaxy S9

Just a few months ago the first rumors about the next iPhone appeared , the probable iPhone 8. I say probably because we do not even know if it's going to really be called iPhone 8, people bet more for iPhone Pro or iPhone Edition.

With the iPhone 8 just around the corner, it is unthinkable to believe that news about the iPhone 9 or iPhone 8s could come out , but if these rumors had not appeared, I would not be writing this. The phone that will come after the next iPhone has already begun to simmer .

A report from The Korea Economic Daily claims that the 2018 iPhone will have an exclusive battery designed and manufactured by LG . This report shows that Apple is taking a different path than its traditional strategy. The Cupertino company has always used old iPhone components to favor the reuse and recycling of their phones, however, this time may not be so.

Why would Apple use LG batteries?

It is believed that Apple has been very satisfied with the performance and design of LG's batteries, as these are not rectangular and could have an L- shaped design , which would optimize in an incredible way the internal space of the phone, especially in The phablets of the company.

In parallel, rumors have also surfaced about the iPhone 8 talking about the battery. These rumors indicate that the battery of that phone could also have a L-shaped factor , making the terminal board of the terminal smaller but with a battery of a considerably larger size.

As a result of this, it is also rumored that the battery life of the iPhone 8 will be considerably higher than the current iPhone 7 . As a reference point, we know that the iPhone 7 Plus is able to navigate for 13 hours using the 4G network, 15 hours using Wi-Fi and 60 hours of music over Bluetooth. If the iPhone 8 manages to overcome these times or match them considering that it will be practically equal in size to an iPhone 7, it will be a very competent rival in the world of the mobile telephony .

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