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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Apple obeys Chinese censorship to achieve more sales

To a surprising extent, Apple has begun removing all VPN apps from China's App Store , according to the ExpressVPN website. But eye, this is not a rumor but a confirmation, and it is that it is a VPN app and it has touched them to suffer in their own meats what is to stay out. And the same with apps that provide the same services.

And it is that China can be the paradise of fakes , so we assume that intellectual property is not highly valued in the Asian country. However, in terms of freedom of expression, things change . By law, the Internet must be regulated and what better way to violate that censorship than using VPN apps, from where Chinese citizens can skip that great wall and enjoy the freedom of the network.

Apple has not been complicated and its message to the developers has been quite simple: and is that if they are out is simply because from Cupertino want to comply with the law , so apparently have proceeded to pull these apps from their content platform.

Interestingly, Apple has long been implementing Eastern legislation in its operations in this country . Therefore, in early 2017 even got rid of the New York Times app because it violated local regulations. Shortly thereafter, it has initiated a collaboration with a local company to open its first Chinese data center that uses personal information of its clients, something that the government required them.

Apple wants to grow in China, so in addition to complying with the law, also makes great offers in terminals . However, it shocks that attitude with another such as the issue of the fight against AIDS in its Product RED range if it has been courageous to detach itself . But now, it seems to assume laws that directly attack the freedoms of its citizens.

Via | 9to5Mac

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